Find The Right Groomsmen Gifts

When you become married, you would only have a limited time to spend on your buddies. That’s just part of life. Since you’d be a family man later on, you should at least purchase presents for your male attendants during your wedding ceremony. Show those who are close to you that you care for them and that you want them to remember the good times that you’ve had when you were still a bachelor. Even though there are a lot of items that you could give people, there are those that are highly appropriate and helpful altogether. If you could, you should choose to get those that would bring about pleasant memories, let you express yourself, give you the opportunity to impress guests and also symbolize your marriage. For the top groomsmen gift ideas that you could take into consideration, have a look at the things written under.

If you want some things that could symbolize your masculinity and let you celebrate the good times as well then you should get things that are associated with alcohol consumption. You could get bottle openers or containers that people could actually use to drink. You could give away cups, mugs, or even shot glasses to guests that have engravings or labels on them. However, you should only choose them if you’re willing to spend a large sum of money to buy for souvenirs. When you do mark containers, make sure that you place the name of the recipient and the date of your marriage at least. But, if you’re interested in getting those that are cheap and affordable, you could get bottle openers instead. With these, you could save money and give people something that they could literally utilize when they’re out to have a good time elsewhere. Still, you shouldn’t just settle for those that you could purchase at average commercial establishments. If you’re going to buy openers, you should choose those that have a unique shape or awesome design. If you want, you could go for one that’s shaped like a credit card because it’s the type that could fit into a wallet. On the other hand, you could try to get hip flasks if you can afford to buy and offer some because they can be easily engraved.

If you want something that would signify your change of ways, you could offer a watch for each of your groomsmen. Basically, it’s the kind of device that people could really use. Although it may be quite expensive to buy guests watches, you would at least be able to provide them with something that they’d be able to wear when you go for them. If you want to supply people with watches, you don’t really have to buy those that are pricey. Go for those that you could afford and try to alter their physical appearance to suit your needs. However, if you wish to give something stylish and really cheap, you could hand out guitar picks that have the details of your marriage as substitute.

Things to know about platinum rings

If you’re looking for a precious gift to celebrate a union or an anniversary, and want something that ages well, is easy to maintain and carries classic beauty, consider the platinum solitaire ring range commercially available.

Platinum has a lot to offer over gold. It’s durable and more resistant to scratches- you don’t actually loose material from the scratch, but simply redistribute it. Platinum doesn’t scuff, develops a patina that’s beautiful in itself although you can have it polished, and will last like the love it represents.

Avoiding issues when buying.
Of course, you want to make a quality purchase from the start. Know that all authorized platinum will carry hallmarks, so you need to check they’re present or risk heartache. The inner band will have a unique identification number. A ‘95’ stamp also indicates the ring is certified more than 95% platinum, something you definitely want. High end rings sell for high end prices, but they carry quality guarantees and workmanship. Lower platinum contents are available, but be aware that the quality difference does show pretty soon. If you opt for a lower percentage, make certain that you’re paying a lower price too- don’t pay high quality prices for lower quality. Remember that the stamp ‘plat’ indicates pure platinum. It will be incredibly expensive, but absolutely pure.

Do you want engraving?
Engraving or design can be beautiful, but generally best suit strikes that are handcrafted. It’s not necessary, of course, as platinum rings are gorgeous in themselves, but the addition of a personalized design can make it even more beautiful and meaningful. A good engraving will be deep enough not to wear- and that’s where the handcrafting counts. But what matters most is getting a ring that suits you. Not one that looks good on display, but that looks good on your finger. Opt for thicker bands on longer or larger finger, and opt for thin and delicate on smaller hands. Be sure to peruse the styles open to you. From traditional, to intricate, to simple and chic, there’s a ton of stunning styles out there for you to use and experiment with.

Caring for platinum
Platinum is easy to care for. A simple mild soap and warm water will clear most daily dirt. Use a scratch free cloth or very soft toothbrush if necessary. Be sure to regularly check your settings for looseness and attend to things before they have a chance to lose stones. Store your jewelry separate and in non-scratch bags. If you take it off while working, be sure to put it somewhere both safe and memorable so that it doesn’t get lost. Try not to do manual labor while wearing rings, as it risks loose settings and scratches.

In the end, you need to opt for a band that reflects you [and your spouse or spouse to be’s] tastes and lifestyle. If should be a ring that speaks to you and what it represents.

Add Texture To Your Tables During Your Wedding

Planning your own wedding can bring such terrible headache that is why many couples choose to have wedding planners to help them. In case you don’t have one, you should have a checklist to make sure that everything is taken care of. One of the things that is most commonly forgotten is how the table is set because many of the couples are contented with how the table is typically set. The tables are where you eat and share the meal during this festive day so it must also fit well with your wedding’s theme. It is one of the things that is always captured in photos by top photographers like those from the Sydney city weddings. Even if the focus isn’t on the table itself, it still serves as a background when taking photos of your guests. To improve how your table looks, here are some things you should do.

  1. Add texture to your plates – Classic white plates look classy and sophisticated but they can also look dull. To remedy this, you can choose to use a silver charger under the plates to make them look more presentable. You can also choose not to use the white plates but instead use ones that offer more texture like the ones made of ceramic or stone. Even if your plates don’t match it will still look good as long as they are all coordinated. You can keep them coordinated by making sure that their colours don’t clash but compliment each other.
  2. Wood is Timeless – One of the tablewares that you can’t go wrong with are the wooden serving dishes. These can come in a variety of shapes and they don’t need to be round all the time. Some just look like slabs of wood but they still manage to make your dishes look good. You can use the serving dishes to add a rustic appeal to your wedding too. They are a great addition to your table even if you are not really going to use them. You can use the table plates or slabs as a stage for hot dishes. They won’t be damaged so you won’t have to be afraid of burning them when pots are placed over them.
  3. Add woven elements – Cotton, rattan or any other material, woven placemats or accents can provide your table with warmth. It is perfect for beach themed weddings whether you are going for a shabby chic or rustic theme. Add neutral linens or don’t use any if you are serving in wooden tables and it will look perfect. They make your table look more organized because each of the plates has a certain area in the placemat where it is supposed to occupy. Silverware can also look great while placed in the woven placemats because of the contrasts it provides. Unlike cloth placemats, these won’t get easily soaked due to any liquid that is spilled over it. So grab that bottle of champagne and serve it because fun times like this deserve a champagne celebration.